SNK’s services include acquiring, developing, constructing, marketing, leasing, selling, managing, owning and disposing of multifamily and mixed-use properties.  SNK performs these services for its own account, in joint ventures and for third parties.

Entitlements — Obtaining site plan, design and zoning approvals for new developments in the most challenging, barrier-to-entry markets, SNK succeeds where others fail by first identifying all of the stakeholders, and then through processing win-win solutions.

Construction — Budget, schedule and quality are the daily focal points on every project.  Managing stakeholder expectations by providing frequent status updates, SNK delivers all of the news, both early and accurately.

Development — Working with a great sense of urgency, unimpeachable integrity, the deepest competency and the clearest transparency, SNK moves projects along from concept to completion.

Property Management and Leasing — Assigning the right teams to each property, SNK understands that a brand new lease up requires a different set of skills and experience than does the value-added repositioning of an existing asset.

New Home Marketing and Sales — Sophisticated and effective in its approach, SNK utilizes an optimal mix of human and AI to obtain each customer acquisition and conversion.  Knowing it can only manage what it measures, SNK implements a custom-tailored, best-of-breed campaign for each project using software, social media and ad spend.

Acquisitions — the acquisition of land for development or the purchase of existing assets for repositioning.  SNK’s philosophy is “don’t buy anything unless you can improve it.”

Brokerage — acting as a trustworthy intermediary in many transactions, SNK connects its customers and clients with sound investments.